Sugar prices drop in February as production increases

Cheap, duty free sugar which had been held for investigation for mercury was released into the market for consumption, and coupled with increased competition from cheap sugar imports in the market, helped reduce the prices of sugar in February.

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Sugar prices drop amid rising beverage cost

Sugar prices drop amid rising beverage cost By Chino S. Leyco While consumer groups and micro-enterprises warn that the proposed excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages would raise the price of some sugary products, government data showed that …

Council Hopeful National Budget Will Further Promote Interests of Consumers

by jet newspaper

With the 2017-2018 National Budget announcement date nearing, the Council is hoping that the government will again consider the concerns of Fijian consumers in its budget priorities.

We have seen from the past budget announcement that the Government always delivered a balanced budget where consumer needs were considered among st other priorities.

We hope this year’s budget announcement will once again focus on high cost of living to bring relief to the consumers.

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Sugar output breaches target price of sugar

from manila times

The sugarcane sector performed better than expected this crop year as production exceeded the target despite the lingering effects of El Niño, the Sugar Regulatory Administration said.

As of May 28, sugar production totaled 2.33 million metric tons (MT), from 2.21 million MT a year earlier, the industry regulator said in a report. The output has surpassed the 2.25 million MT target this crop year.

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Trade Organization Warns The Market To Curb Its Enthusiasm

We are all consumers of sugar, but many of us do not think about the price on a daily basis or in most cases, at all. Sugar is a condiment in restaurants, and they offer it to customers free of charge.

We consume sugar, which is an ingredient in many if not most of the foods we eat each day. For those of us who enjoy an occasional or constant flow of sweet treats, sugar brings joy to our palates and lives.

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